lundi 31 octobre 2011

Frank Black - "Christmass" (acoustic live) - CD + DVD (2006)

  - ripped from the original CD -

Frank Black 
 (acoustic live) 

- complete artwork inside -

CD1 is a recording of acoustic sessions from various live venues
CD2 is a DVD of a live acoustic session - Sacramento 2006
I ripped CD1 from my own CD and scanned the complete artwork.
Sadly (for you !), I can't rip DVDs, but I managed to find a DVD rip, unfortunately protected by a password I couldn't find, as well as a a mp3 rip of that same DVD.
If you can't watch the DVD, you won't miss much anyway, as it is rather poorly filmed (extract at the bottom of the post). According to me, having the mp3 version of the DVD is much more interesting !

DVD put to mp3 HERE

(found on the net with a password I couldn't crack...
If you find it, please share in the  comments !)

The cover art above is from the box wrapping the actual CD sleeve, but the CD sleeve is like that:

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