dimanche 22 mai 2011

Disques DHFI - Hi Fi Stereo Test

Disques Dhfi 

Sides A and B: A lot of sound frequencies, more or less irritating to the ear,
along with german comments...  Side A is encoded as one track. I had to cut Side B in two parts as the middle of the side is a huge "non-track" that is designed to help the listener fix antiskating problems.

Side C is the usual speech presenting hi fi and stereophony, but with great things to sample though... (recorded as one track)
Side D is a bunch of well-known classic themes  to enjoy your stereophonic equipment (and therefore it's got less interest... Recorded as one track too)

Here on Priceminister

Jean-Marie Benjamin - "Servante Et Maîtresse" OST (1977)

Jean-Marie Benjamin 

Thie LP can be listened to at the composer's website.

More info (in french) on this composer (amazing guy !)

 Prices for this one range from 20€  to $99,95...

Ensemble Tauhiti - "Tahiti"

Ensemble Tauhiti 

This one is not really tiki music, as it is real tahitian music and 
not an occidental rendition of something supposed to be sounding exotic
(as every good tiki record should sound !)
Very good record nonetheless !

L'Ensemble Instrumental des Iles - "Surprise-Party aux Iles Paradis"

L'ensemble instrumental des îles 

French issue of US LP: The Surfmen - Sounds of Exotic Island (Alshire/Somerset)

A very good tiki/exotica LP, complete with the sound of waves, birds and monkeys !

Les Hawaiians Troubadours - "Hawaii, Hawaii"

Les Hawaiians Troubadours -

A good tiki sound with a lot of hawaiian guitar on it...

samedi 21 mai 2011

Manfred Mann's Earth Band - "Watch" (1978)

Manfred Mann's Earth Band 

- ripped from original LP -

Not my kind of music, but it's been said that it's their best...

samedi 14 mai 2011

And Also The Trees - "The House of the Heart" EP (1988, Reflex Records)

And Also The Trees
(1988, Reflex Records)

And Also The Trees - "Virus Meadow" LP (1986, Reflex Records)

And Also The Trees
(1986, Reflex Records)

Drop Nineteens - "National Coma" (1993, Caroline Records)

Drop Nineteens
(1993, Caroline Records)

Drop Nineteens' second (and last) album. Three members have changed since their first LP, and of course the whole band sounds different. This LP shows the original artwork (due to censorship, CD versions had a different sleeve, as can be seen in the Youtube videos at the bottom of this post).
Away from their somewhat shoegaze beginnings on the "Delaware" LP, their music has evolved into a weirdly constructed pop rock with strange yet powerful lyrics filled with double-meanings and poetry... That added to facts that they're from Boston but gained reknown mainly in UK makes instantly one think of the Pixies !
This is definitely a very rich and sadly underrated album, from a band that deserved more recognition.
Maybe their songs were too ahead of their time, stuck in the in-between of ageing shoegaze and emerging post-rock (the same kind of thing that happened to the Telstar Ponies)... They never released any other album and finally split in 1995.