vendredi 11 mars 2011

Fever - "Too Bad But True" (1998, DHR)

(1998, Digital Hardcore Recordings)
- CD source-

Maybe one of the best bands signed on DHR... Some kind of slow industrial hip hop from Germany.
I saw them live once and they were very impressive...

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Anonyme a dit…

Fever and Lolita Storm - those were the days.

How about Ec8or? :-)


Barbatrucmobile a dit…

I must have some somewhere too, but they were already burned from downloads so I guess they have less interest and besides, if I found them, YOU can find them too ;-)
But I've posted "Hitler 2000" by Patrik Catani some time ago, and Nintendo Teenage Robots too. I'll see if I've got time to post Alec Empire's "Les étoiles des filles mortes" that was released on Mille Plateaux and maybe De Babalon or Bomb20...

Barbatrucmobile a dit…

By the way, here is a link for you if you feel nostalgic about EC8OR