mercredi 30 mars 2011

Johnny Cash - "First Steps" (From 1955 - 1958) (released 2011)

Johnny Cash 

- vinyl rip -

David Bowie - "Toy" -unreleased album- (2001)

David Bowie 
 -unreleased album- 

"After performing 'Can't Help Thinking About Me', 'I Dig Everything' and 'The London Boys' on the short tours of 1999/2000, Bowie became enthusiastic about the idea of re-recording some lesser known songs from the early days of his career. These re-recordings, together with a couple of new songs, were to appear on an album titled Toy, that was tentatively scheduled for mid-2001.
According to David's journal on BowieNet, the production and artwork of the album were finished already by early 2001. However, time passed and rumours filtered through that Virgin appeared to be reluctant to release an album full of songs they didn't have the rights to. At the end of 2001, Bowie left Virgin to set up his own record label ISO, but the complete Toy album thus far remains unreleased.
In 2002, a couple of songs recorded for Toy appeared on Heathen and as B-sides to its singles.
n 2006, the complete Toy album was heard by some fans. Besides the 11 tracks above, also 'The London Boys', 'Liza Jane' and 'Silly Boy Blue' appeared. However, 'Karma Man' is not among the tracks that surfaced (...)"

Nino Ferrer - "Blanat" (1979)

Nino Ferrer 

Plone - Unreleased 2nd Album


vendredi 25 mars 2011

1012 - "Partir / Le mendiant du métro" - 45t (1985, no label)

(1985, no label)

1012 , Partir / Le Mendiant Du Metro , no label CA 110 , 1985 F 45T , VG++/VG+ , price : € 20 , From Nantes, local rock group with Manu & Vincent Nogue, both pre Elmer Food Beat. Private pressing, rare single
(info from Octopus Music)

vendredi 11 mars 2011

Lolita Storm - "G.F.S.U. - Girls Fucking Shit Up" (2000, DHR)

Lolita Storm 
(2000, DHR)

Fever - "Too Bad But True" (1998, DHR)

(1998, Digital Hardcore Recordings)
- CD source-

Maybe one of the best bands signed on DHR... Some kind of slow industrial hip hop from Germany.
I saw them live once and they were very impressive...