mercredi 9 février 2011

Future Sound Of London - ISDN Transmission on french radio

Future Sound Of London
FUN RADIO live broadcast

After some investigation, this is apparently transmission n°6 from 1997... These files are now on sale and distributed by The Pod Room... which made them appear on discogs ! (But what is still puzzling is that the show is said to be lasting 30 min. and mine is approx 60min...)

discogs info HERE

Future Sound Of London never performed live but they sent their  music live all over the world through ISDN transmissions. This one was  sent to France and broadcasted in direct on french radio FUN RADIO.
The original transmission also contained a video show that was projected in Paris (but I don't remember where).
Recently I found an old tape with this transmission and thought it could be of interest that I share it here.
It has nothing to do with the album they called "ISDN", and is more in the mood of their "Dead Cities" album.  At times they also speak a few words in french and drop a few quotations from french movies.

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