samedi 4 décembre 2010

The Boxhead Ensemble - "Dutch Harbor - Where The Sea Breaks Its Back" OST (1997, No Choice)

The Boxhead Ensemble
(1997, No Choice)

"Dutch Harbor" is a documentary film by Braden King and Laura Moya.
The soundtrack is improvised music performed by The Boxhead Ensemble (created for this occasion), featuring Joe Ferguson, David Grubbs, Charles Kim, Michael Krassner, Douglas McCombs, Jim O'Rourke, David Pavkovic, Rick Rizzo and Ken Vandermark.
It also includes a song performed by Will Oldham and Jim O'Rourke.

The film itself is a beautiful grainy black and white 16mm documentary about a town called Dutch Harbor (the most westerly point of the USA, in the Bering Sea) and, coupled with the great score improvised on it, it simply becomes haunting ! I consider myself pretty lucky of having seen this movie with the Boxhead Ensemble improvising on it and in presence of the two filmmakers (and with Edith Frost performing live before the projection !)

A DVD release and a very nice video of outtakes can also be found HERE

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