mardi 2 novembre 2010

Sykurmolarnir (a.k.a. The Sugar Cubes !) - "Illur Arfur !" (a.k.a. "Here Today Tomorrow Next Week !") (1989, One Little Indian)

(1989, One Little Indian)

For the younger ones, I'll explain right now that this record is about one of Björks's prehistoric eras, as she didn't start directly as a solo act but sang in many bands, like The Sugar Cubes, Kukl, and others whose name I've forgotten (well, have a look on her wiki if you're interested...)
Others (= the older !!!)  may have recognized this cover art as a Sugar cubes cover... And you were right ! "Sykurmolarnir" is the icelandic name of the Sugar Cubes, and this LP is their second album ("Here Today Tomorrow Next Week") BUT sung in icelandic ! One other great find from a charity shop !

Inner sleeve of the icelandic release is different from the international release...
Even gives you a chance to plunge into Bjork's neckline without fearing any violent reaction !

If you'd rather have the album in its english version (with better sound), go grab it

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L'Homme Scalp a dit…

votre adresse yahoo ne mène nulle part - a mistake in your email adress ?

Tabayo a dit…

cette adresse a juste servi à l'ouverture du blog... Je ne m'en sers jamais mais j'avais oublié qu'elle était là ! Du coup je vais l'enlever, merci !