mardi 2 novembre 2010

Robert Wyatt / Michael Mantler - "The Hapless Child" (1976, Virgin Records)

Robert Wyatt / Michael Mantler / Edward Gorey
(1976, Virgin Records)

Honestly, I bought this one mainly because of the words and illustrations of Edward Gorey, not because of the two others ! What made me buy it was the fact that it included a sung rendition of "The Doubtful Guest", which was my very first encounter with Gorey's art.
... But I know Mantler and Wyatt have soooo many fans and followers, it wouldn't have been fair not encode this vinyl ! So this is a souvenir from the time when I lived next to very cheap charity shops... I bought this one 5 francs (= less than 1 € !)... Well, to go on with honesty, I KNOW that it has been re-released on CD a few years ago !!!

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Compliments, et merci.

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thanks for sharing!