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Cynthia Dall - Untitled - 12" (1996, Drag City)

Cynthia Dall
(1996, Drag City)

Cynthia Dall  used to be Bill Callahan's sidekick (and girlfriend) in a few early Smog albums. She is also a reknowned photographer (in the new-york based transgressive mood of Richard Kern's work). 
 Bill Callahan plays guitar a bit everywhere on this record (and sings on two tracks), and Jim O'Rourke engineers the whole thing.
Neither Cynthia Dall nor Bill Callahan were credited or simply named anywhere on or in the sleeve (not even in liner notes), making it impossible to know who actually had done it.

I had the chance to see Smog live in France in 1995 (the year that she toured with the band). Their show was at the same time solemn and pretty creepy: Bill Callahan didn't talk at all between tracks and sang turning more or less his back to the crowd all along, and Cynthia Dall wore a dress... and a little coffin on a lace around her neck. Smog's legendary low pace was even doubled as Callahan retuned his acoustic guitar for a vey looong time between each song. But it was a very good concert, something that was so impressive I still remember it 14 years later.
Smog shared the night with 5 other bands all beginning with the letter S... I forgot three of them but I DO remember I also saw Sebadoh at this venue. They were ending the show... And they really did end it, as some bloke came on stage and drank in the drummer's beer, who got so pissed off he kicked his drums away and left and never could be talked into coming back... And that was it !

Discogs Info HERE

A1 Christmas (California)
A2 Berlin, 1945
A3 Lion Becomes Dragon
A4 Holland (feat. Bill Callahan)
B1 Bright Night
B2 For Tiara
B3 Grey And Castles (feat. Bill Callahan)
B4 Aaron Matthew
B5 Untitled (ghost track)

- ripped from a tape ripped from the original vinyl ! -

merci à mon homonyme qui me fit cette copie il y a 14 ans !

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