dimanche 31 octobre 2010

Perio - 'Icy Morning In Paris" (1994, Lithium)

(1994, Lithium - reissue 2008, Minimum)

Perio started as a french duet from Nantes composed of Sarah Froning and Eric Deleporte. They made only 3 albums in 13 years, the last one being with Eric Deleporte alone. Recently, Perio released an album of live recordings (making it their 4th album). They signed in 1994 with the label Lithium for the release of their first album "Icy Morning in Paris" (the 2008 reissue here has two bonus tracks). They are also friends with Dominique A (who was at the time Lithium's main artist), and Sarah composed a duet with Françoiz Breut (Dominique A's girlfriend at the time) as "Squad Femelle", and they released a 7" of covers together (released inside Dominique A's "Shower Curtain Project").

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