dimanche 17 octobre 2010

The Future Sound Of London - "My Kingdom" EP (1996, Virgin)

The Future Sound Of London
(1996, Virgin)

Includes samples from Ozric Tentacles, Morricone's "Once upon a time in America" OST and Vangelis' "Blade Runner" OST. This EP is a long version (or diversion !) around FSOL's "My Kingdom" track from the "Dead Cities" LP. Its 5 parts include material used on "Dead Cities", but reworked so as to fit the purpose of this EP, and thus recreating a different and new piece of music.

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Mr. a dit…

Bonjour - link is for "Francis Lai-Un Homme Et Une Femme" not FSOL EP. Please post "My Kingdom" link.

Barbatrucmobile a dit…

Oops ! You must have been disappointed ! I can't fix that right (i'm pretty busy right now) but I'm going to fix that as soon as i can !